Friday, June 22, 2012

Turkleywood in trailers: Taken 2, Bond and Ben Affleck

It seems like October is going to be a prime month for Turkey on film, as the three big Hollywood films shot within the last year in Istanbul are all being released that month. Taken 2 is out October 5, Ben Affleck's Argo October 12 and the Bond film Skyfall October 26. [Update: Skyfall is apparently only coming out in the UK on Oct. 26; IMDB has it slated for November 2 for Turkey and November 9 for the US.]

The trailers for all three are out, and it's interesting to compare the ways Istanbul is featured -- or not.

The plot of Taken 2 once again revolves around ex-CIA agent Brian Mills (Liam Neeson) and his family -- but instead of his daughter Kim jetting off to Paris with a friend, where she was kidnapped in the first installment, this time Kim decides to surprise him in Istanbul, and mom ends up as the victim. (The moral of the Taken stories? Never leave home.) In this trailer, Istanbul starts out looking pretty fancy...and then gets a little gritty:

At minute 1:29, Mills/Neeson is running along a very familiar-looking rooftop, one that was featured quite prominently (and similarly) at the end of the Clive Owen film The International. Apparently, it's the roof of the Grand Bazaar and also used in Skyfall in a motorcycle scene.

Argo is the true-life tale about the attempt to rescue six Americans during the Iran hostage crisis that started in 1979. Since filming in Tehran would be inconvenient, if not impossible -- although ironically, apparently the Americans pose as a Canadian film crew in the movie -- Istanbul is standing in for Iran; according to IMDB, the airport in Ontario, California is standing in for Tehran's airport. Not surprisingly, it's a little hard to identify Istanbul in the trailer, although at minute 1:15, Ben Affleck is standing by the water in Eminonu and then entering Yeni Camii:

But of course, the Bond filming was the really big news here. They filmed in the city of Adana (where some local teenagers snuck into the train station and managed to film an action sequence taking place on top of a train) in the coastal city of Fethiye, and of course, in Istanbul. I believe they were here for at least two months filming and yet, when you watch the trailer, what do you see? It looks like most of the action takes place in either England or Asia. Erm...

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