Friday, September 21, 2012

Kas trip: Scuba diving

On our last day in Kas, we decided to go scuba diving. I wasn't that keen on going -- we'd been two years ago (actually, Cagatay and I met on the dive boat), and the diving then was pretty bad. I remembered it as being cold, somewhat murky, and mostly devoid of fish. So I didn't really want to go again, but Cagatay convinced me that we should try again.

We were hoping to dive the airplane wreck (Dakota), but no one was going out there, so instead, we went with Naturablue to Kovanli Island, out in the bay. It was actually the same site we'd dived two years ago. Unfortunately, the dive wasn't all that much better, though on the plus side, the water was warm (which really makes all the difference -- there's nothing worse than shivering through a dive). There wasn't much to see except for some broken amphorae here and there. I don't know if they're real, ancient artifacts -- someone told me two years ago they suspected the amphorae have been placed there for the diving, but I don't know what the truth is. I'd like to think they're real. :)

All in all, the diving wasn't great, but we still had a nice afternoon. Once we were back on the dive boat, we went upstairs and sat in the same spot where we'd sat two years ago, the site of our first conversation. It's kind of amazing how much has happened in two years. :) Pin It

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