Friday, October 5, 2012

Two Advertisements: Akbank Jazz Fest and İş Bankasi

There's generally nothing special about the television ads in Turkey -- they look just like ads in the US or Europe, and oftentimes they're dubbed versions anyway. But there have been two ads lately that I just love, so I thought I would share:

The first ad is for İş Bank's 88th anniversary. Most of the ad is just one take, as actor Cem Yilmaz moves through the various sets. He's speaking so fast that I can barely understand anything, but it doesn't matter -- the images translate. :)

The second ad is actually my favorite but because it's not on YouTube, I can't embed it into the post. :( But you should go to the link and watch it anyway, even though that's a pain, because it's totally worth it. It's for the Akbank Jazz Festival, on now until Oct. 21. In this ad, Istanbul just erupts with music -- it's really beautiful.

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