Thursday, October 13, 2011

Trending: DIY Glitter Shoes (Three Ways)

You can't surf the Interwebs these days without running into an DIY involving glitter and shoes. Which is awesome - I might own a pair or two (or six) of shoes that have been glittered-up, and now I'm feeling like I should actually tackle this myself. (Running the risk, of course, that I won't be able to stop until absolutely everything in my closet has been be-glittered. I mean, have you seen Martha Stewart's colorful 24-pack palette?!?)

I realized this was an actual trend yesterday when I saw that even Martha has gotten in on the act. According to their blog, she recently showed how to dazzle up a pair of sneakers on her TV show with one of the bloggers from Honestly...WTF, though the result was a little too Atlantic City for me. (And, according to the comments, the sneakers pick up ugly creases after you wear them for a couple of hours.)

More stylish examples have appeared recently on the blogs a pair & a spare and Le.Fanciullle. It seems like all you really need to do this is a blank pair of shoes, ample glitter, and some craft glue.

Now get to it! After all, as the immortal songstress Ke$ha said to Entertainment Weekly, "If I smear glitter on my face [or, er, on my shoes], you don't have a choice - you will be more attracted to me." And isn't that reason enough? Pin It

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