Monday, November 14, 2011

The little artistic details

As I mentioned last post, during our failed sightseeing trip we ended up going into the Zal Mahmut Pasa mosque in Eyup, mostly because we thought it was the Eyup Sultan mosque. (We realized our mistake when we saw that it was empty; impossible!)

One thing I like about the mosques in this city is the attention to detail; if you look around, usually up, you can find all kinds of beautiful little designs. I don't think this is unique to mosques, or even Istanbul - a lot of old architectural wonders have fine details - but these particular adornments strike me as exotic and Middle Eastern. I dig it; it seems exciting and I moved here partially for some excitement and exoticism, you know?

Surrounding the mosque is a cemetery (not sure if it's connected or just happens to be there) containing the graves of a lot of important Ottomans. The headstones here too are amazing, carved with all kinds of shapes, even though the cemetery is a wee bit dilapidated.

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