Monday, January 16, 2012

Massive power outage on Saturday!

On Saturday, we got our first real snow of the year. Although there had been about five minutes of snow right before Christmas, this was the first real snowfall, which started slowly and didn't initially stick...and then the power went out. According to various news stories, there was a breakdown at a power plant in Bursa, which caused the power to go out in six Turkish cities in the northwest. So it was cold, and fairly dark because of the snow. Our power was out for 3.5 hours - I mostly read while Cagatay played games on the iPad, but we got more and more bored as the afternoon went on...and I started to realize why people had a lot of kids pre-electricity. What else was there to do?!? (Don't think dirty thoughts; I'm just saying I understand the impulse.:)) As the afternoon went on, the snow got heavier and heavier, with thick, cotton ball-like chunks coming down.

Eventually, we decided to walk to Sapphire, the mall at our local metro stop, which is about a 10-minute walk away. Cagatay thought their generators would be on, and we could eat and have coffee. So we got ready to go and as I was pulling on my second boot - literally pulling it on - the power came back on. We decided to go anyway and as we walked, the snow started to fall again, but much lighter this time.

I was pretty excited to see snow but now that it's happened, I'm ready for spring. When I wrote this post this morning (I didn't have the photo with me so I saved it), it was only forecasted to snow this afternoon. It did in fact snow and it was awful, worthy of its own post, and now I am DEFINITELY ready for spring. Pin It

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