Monday, January 9, 2012

Lego Art at home

I haven't played with Legos in many, many years, but I love this trend of Legos as art, especially when the little mini-figures are made to recreate famous paintings or events. So when I was home over the summer, I was excited to discover the Lego architecture series, which has so far created 11 kits recreating famous landmarks or designer houses. Admittedly, I don't love all of them (I'm not convinced by White House or Guggenheim models), but I did develop a soft spot for the Empire State Building, partially for its design and partially because it was small enough to bring back. Now it sits next to our plants as Cagatay's little minifigure Stormtrooper hangs on for dear life, King Kong-esque. (Why does my boyfriend have a Stormtrooper minifigure lying around, you ask? A very good question...)

Then, over Thanksgiving, when I was trying to get some ideas for homemade Christmas ornaments, I somehow came across the website of artist Chris McVeigh, who photographs Lego minifigures in funny situations. The prints were incredibly affordable and Red Bubble was offering low shipping to Turkey, so we bought three: Breakast of Champions, pictured above, plus It's Not My Fault! (Stormtroopers toys hanging from a clothesline) and Death of Robat (a play off of Jacques-Louis David's famous painting substituting C-3P0 for the dead Marat). We still need to get these photographs framed, but I'm excited to put them up, especially because they'll be our first pieces of wall art! Pin It

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