Monday, August 27, 2012

New James Bond trailer, featuring lots of Turkey

The last time I talked about movies filmed recently in Istanbul, I was bitching about how the first Skyfall trailer barely showed any Turkey scenes, even though Turkey is apparently the main foreign destination in the film. [Update: This turned out not to be true, which explains the lack of Turkey in the first trailer.] Well, there's a new trailer out, and that problem has been rectified.

After some brief dialogue about stolen computer files, the James Bond trailer moves into an action scene involving a train, which apparently also serves as the opening scene of the film. This segment was filmed at the Varda Viaduct in the province of Adana, in south-central Turkey, relatively near to Syria. I haven't been to the area, so I don't know anything about the province or the viaduct, except what I've read on Wikipedia, which is that it was built by German engineers and completed in 1916. As I mentioned in the last post, some local teenagers snuck into the train station and managed to film an action sequence taking place on top of the train.

The next shot featuring Turkey comes, I believe, at minute 1:16, as the sailboat glides across the Mediterranean. The crew spent some time filming Skyfall in the touristy town of Fethiye, and I'm guessing this is part of the result.

At the end of the trailer, the Turkey shots pick up again -- there's more of the train, a scene of Bond rushing through a (fake) bazaar in front of Yeni Camii with his gun out, and scenes of someone (Bond?) causing mayhem at Istanbul's Grand Bazaar. The rooftop shot, by now, is familiar -- it was also used in The International and can be seen in the Taken 2 trailer.

I'm not sure if the metro scenes are set in Istanbul, though the extras don't look particularly Turkish. There are a couple of other scenes filmed outside of Istanbul's Yeni Camii -- the jeep ride at the beginning (I am about 98 percent sure) and the motorcycle hurtling toward the camera at the end. Anyway, that's all I could figure out... Pin It

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