Tuesday, July 12, 2011

At Home, with Kittens

Turkey has a lot of stray cats and dogs - you see them everywhere, lounging on the sidewalks, napping under cars, or digging through the trash. They obviously don't belong to anyone and yet they're sort of like community pets because people kinda take care of them and feed them. (Though it would probably be much more effective to pool the money and neuter them, no? The city has made some effort - some cats have a clipped ear - but clearly it's not made much of a dent judging by the number of kittens around...)

We've apparently just closed out another mating season here and as a result, have a number of kittens around our neighborhood. My boyfriend and I are taking care of one batch, stationed just outside our window in the garden. Our mama cat has five kittens and they are just as precious as can be. They're about six weeks old and have just started to race around the garden, tearing after one another (and leaves - they like to bat at leaves). I adore them and spend hours a day (literally) outside with them...with my birthday coming up, I'm hoping one or two will find a permanent home with us. I mean, look at that face...how could you resist?
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  1. kittens!! So excited you're blogging again. It'll make me feel like you're not so far away. :)

  2. EMILY AND I ARE COMING TO VISIT!!! We have already discussed this!

  3. Awww, thanks for commenting...and you should DEFINITELY come visit!


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