Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Views of Istanbul

I get pretty excited when we pass the major historic sites of Istanbul - and we've done it a fair amount the last three weeks, either on the bus/ferry or in a car. Of course all the locals could care less which strikes me as amusing, amazing, and normal all at once.

The top left photo is of the Blue Mosque, finished in 1616 and incidentally the first place some random Turkish guy tried to pick me up last summer (ah, how it holds a special place in my heart). I took the photo during last weekend's ferry ride to Buyukada. The photo at top right is in Maslak, across the street from Cagatay's office - I liked the contrast of the modern office buildings with the mosque, which seems to describe Turkey perfectly.

I took both bottom photos this past weekend as we made our way by Metrobus to the Asian side of Istanbul to meet up with Cagatay's sister and nephew. Both are views of the Bosphorus - the land masses on the right side of both photos is Europe, on the left is Asia.
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