Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Kitten Update + Nocturnal Visitor

Our five kittens are doing well and growing rapidly. They are little bundles of monster, racing around the garden and through the vegetable planters, tackling each other. They're about eight weeks old now and their eyes have just changed from blue to blue-green; they're mostly eating real cat food now and we thought they'd be ready for adoption by now, but they seem happy together. We don't really have any potential parents for them right now (except me) so together they'll stay.

When I went out to feed them last night, I sat outside with them for awhile, as I usually do. (They like to climb on me and then, later, sleep on me, as you can see.) They had all finished eating and were racing around in the half-darkness. I heard a noise over at the bowls and when I looked over, contact-less, all I could see was this black lump eating the food. It turned out to be...a little porcupine. Even though we live in the middle of the city, they're around; I've often heard something rustling in the garden and I suspect it lives in the surrounding ivy. Anyway, the kittens became curious and two of them approached the bowl; mama cat wasn't around so I got nervous and made Cagatay come out and chase it away. (He really is a great boyfriend; Sunday afternoon, he also picked up a dead bird and its various pieces that one of the kittens was gnawing on.)  He threw some water at the porcupine and it trundled away, but I suspect it will be back for more free food.
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  1. Ahh kittens are so cute.
    We have an opossum that hangs out in our yard and eats the cat food. I have no idea how it lives in the city, but it does!


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