Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Good/Bad News: Bad News Alas

Everything here has been going really, really well...and then yesterday, out of nowhere, illness arrived.

First, one of our kittens got really sick and we now suspect that he ate something poisonous. :(  When I got home yesterday afternoon, I noticed that he was meowing and throwing up but at dinnertime, he seemed okay. He was sleepy but he drank water and ate a teeny bit of food, so I thought he had gotten whatever out of his system. When I came out this morning, he was sprawled out under a bush and I thought that he had died. He was still alive, thank god, but incredibly cold and barely moving. Cagatay took him to a volunteer vet service here and they spent the day treating him but his prognosis is not good. They said that since he hadn't had shots (still too young), his body is very susceptible. I am very, very sad but still hoping he will recover. I took this photo of them (he is the one looking up) the other day...

The other piece of bad news is that grandmother is also ill. She has been staying in Lake Como, as she usually does, but this year is by herself and had some sort of fainting episode (or perhaps even a minor stroke). She can't really understand the doctor and is afraid to leave the room so I am going there tomorrow to rescue her. We are hoping she just had a medication mix-up and only needs some TLC. So I am flying to Milan tomorrow and then we are going on to London, to my aunt and uncle's house, on Friday. At the moment, the plan is that on Saturday, we will fly together to Florida...which means that at some point next week, after getting her situated, I will be back in DALLAS. Which just seems crazy to me. Pin It

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