Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The return of the "porcupine"

I was all ready to tell you how our porcupine friend returned last night around 7:30, in daylight-ish hours, and how he doesn't seem too bothered by me or the kittens. I was googling to see how far they can shoot their quills, to add a little factoid to this post (and it turns out that they can't actually shoot their quills) when I started to notice that our little guy didn't much look like the porcupines in the photos.

That's because he's really a hedgehog. (Sadly, my photo here isn't great...he wasn't in the mood to pose, I guess.) So I guess the kittens nor I really have anything to worry about - if he gets scared, he'll just curl up into a little ball. As I googled, I learned that A. there are no wild hedgehogs in the Americas and B. they are sweet enough to keep as pets. Pin It

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