Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Good/Bad News: Good News First

My good news post - which I intended to put up over the weekend - was about how much the kittens have grown! We started feeding them more expensive cat food and it's like they became superkitties overnight, running faster, exploring father, and chasing each other up trees.

My favorite kitten, who we've named Mustafa and plan to keep, learned how to jump up on the windowsill last Thursday night. It's kind of amazing because A. he's the smallest of the bunch and B. none of the other kittens have grasped the concept. But somehow he manages to launch himself up there and does a pull-up to actually get on the sill...and now spends time exploring or napping in the apartment. He seems to like the idea of being our cat.

So in celebration, I thought I'd put up a mini-gallery of his latest antics...

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