Friday, July 27, 2012

London Olympics: Best Souvenirs

It's Friday afternoon here, and I am more than excited for this weekend -- not only is it my birthday tomorrow and Cagatay's and my two-year anniversary on Sunday, but tonight also sees the official opening of the Summer Olympics ceremonies, in my favorite city, no less. Break out the biscuits and bunting, it is time to celebrate!

I had so much fun compiling the best souvenirs for the Queen's Jubilee (which should have included the sporty Regal Egg Cups that martasantos mentioned in the comments) that I decided to do the same for the Olympics, which, admittedly, is really just an excuse to compile the best British souvenirs I could find. The Olympics souvenirs are -- hmm, how do I say this tactfully? -- oh yes, tacky. The truth hurts. I've gotten several up-close looks at Heathrow in the past six months, and I just couldn't bring myself to buy anything -- and I loooove British souvenirs. But you don't have to feel bad for them -- the New York Times reported yesterday that the London Olympics souvenirs are going to bring in an estimated $1.5 billion.

But I digress... With price as no object, the best souvenirs to bring home from the London Olympics:

1. Typographic map of London, free download  2. Queen Duck, £12  3. Double-decker bus, £7  4. Olympic Henrietta flats, $230  5. Jubilee Union Jack toast stamp, £4  6. Ben Sherman Union Jack design Flight Bag,£35  7. Queen's head jelly mold, £10  8. Alexander McQueen clutch, $1,695 9. Muji's London in a Box, £8  10. Grunge UK flag iPhone case, $45
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