Monday, July 30, 2012

On turning 36...

I've had a couple of days to think about it, and in the immortal words of Sex and the City's Charlotte York:

[There's a video, which doesn't show up in Google reader, and perhaps other places.]

Charlotte goes on to explain that since she doesn't look 36 and she doesn't feel 36, she's just not going to turn 36. She adds that men have much more interest in meeting 35-year-olds, which does in fact have some historical precedent. The Savoy hospital in London, which was in operation from 1505 until 1702, only hired nurses who were unmarried and over the age of 36 -- because they were thought to be past the age when they might seduce the patients, according to The Writer's Guide to Everyday in Renaissance England. Ouch.

Ahhh, how I understand Charlotte's dilemma. While I decided last year upon turning 35 that I would stick at 28, I just can't bring myself to actually tell anyone that I'm 28, at least not with a straight face. Alas. Pin It

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