Monday, December 5, 2011

25 Days of Ornaments: Button Christmas tree

When I was googling homemade ornaments over Thanksgiving, I came across a photo of the cutest button Christmas tree. Originally I thought that it came from Martha Stewart but after further googling today, it seems like it's a takeoff of one of her ideas. The originator seems to be Penelope at Modern Minerals.

I absolutely love this little ornament and it took me all of five minutes to make. I bought the green buttons at Walmart - they had quite a selection, I was impressed, because how often do you need green buttons? I cut a long piece of 24-gauge silver wire that I bought ages ago at Joanns in the DIY jewelry section and bent it into a V shape, and then I started stringing on the buttons, going through two of the holes (if there were four). I interspersed red buttons to represent tinsel but I also saw cute examples using all green buttons and some using turquoise buttons. To finish, I strung on a gold button I found in my mother's button stash to represent the star, twisted the wire together to make a chain, and then twisted together the wire underneath the gold button to secure it and hide it.

The Martha Stewart website also has another page devoted to button ornaments, made into people and animals, but alas, I don't think they're that cute. (Though to be fair, the Santa/elf/reindeer/etc do stem from a Martha Stewart Kids article.) Pin It

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