Tuesday, December 13, 2011

25 Days of Ornaments: Paper Angels from the past

When I was in seventh grade, we lived in Washington D.C., and that Christmas, my mom decided that we were going to make little paper angel ornaments. (I think our real ornaments were in storage in Dallas.) I don't remember if we had a tree or much else about that holiday, but I can distinctly recall sitting at the table coloring in these angels with my mother and brother.

We still have them, in a plastic sack; I've kept all our old ornaments, even the ones that are completely falling apart. When I look at the angels now, they kinda crack me up, particularly because I can tell exactly who did which one. My mom's are perfect; mine are pretty good with slight flaws if you look closely enough; my brother's, a product of his age-10 artistic impulses, are delightful little horrors. :)

Maybe that's the best thing about making your own ornaments, the chance later to look back with a smile and say, oh yeah, remember when we... Pin It

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