Friday, December 2, 2011

25 Days of Ornaments: Santa clothes

I decided to start this overly ambitious project with the Felt Wardrobe Ornaments from Woman's Day, mostly because they're just so darn stinkin' cute. They were also pretty easy to make; the only part that really took any time was creating the ermine look by sewing black thread on the cuffs (and that step is probably skippable). I would estimate that each ornament took me about 45 minutes, minus overnight drying time for the glue.

I used the pattern for Santa jacket but it turned out pretty big (I didn't have access to a Xerox machine to shrink it and don't know how to easily do it with a printer) so I just cut the pants freehand. Since the shapes are pretty simple, it worked out fine. I used jewelry wire to create the hangers.

Now my ornaments are decorating the little white tree from Borders (Borders, sniff) that I brought to Istanbul last Christmas. I'm hoping we're going to get another tree this weekend at IKEA; otherwise I'll start having to hang ornaments from the ceiling or something... Pin It

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