Sunday, December 11, 2011

25 Days of Ornaments: The Cutest Button Wreath ornament

I think this might be my favorite ornament so far - and that's saying something because I have a major crush on that little button tree. I'm also proud to say that this ornament is 100 percent original - I had an idea in my head and managed to make it more or less come out the way I wanted.

This button-wreath ornament was fairly simple to make. I started by cutting out two felt circles of equal size; I sewed the buttons on one of the felt circles and used the other as the backing. I didn't measure my circle beforehand; I'm not very good at cutting circles (or straight lines for that matter) so I traced around a jar lid. And actually, I got pretty lucky because my buttons fit perfectly around.

I sewed on the layer of dark green buttons first, one next to the other, edges touching, so they lie flat. Then I sewed the red buttons on top of them, sewing down into the small gaps between the greens to secure them. Then I sewed on the little green buttons, going through the big green button holes. At the end, I realized that the buttons were too heavy for the felt so I also cut out a cardboard circle that I glued between the felt pieces. To top it all off, I made a yarn bow and sewed it on, securing it to one of the green buttons.

One of the keys to this was the buttons, I think. I'm not a huge fan of Walmart but I must commend them on the button selection - they're nice and bright and I think that makes all the difference. Pin It

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