Friday, December 21, 2012

25 Days of Ornaments: Crochet star and holiday song list

Sorry I didn't get around to posting an ornament yesterday -- since it was supposed to be the last night of the world and all, we spent it appropriately -- drinking our liquor cabinet dry, getting tattoos, hanging from the ceiling, and generally partying like it was 1999. Wasn't that what everyone did? :)

I made this crochet star a couple of days ago -- I used an off-white yarn and silver DMC thread paired together, and I added a couple of white beads to the center. While the pattern itself is lovely, no disrespect, I didn't like the finished star as a Christmas ornament.  I thought it (and all of its compatriots that I might have crocheted) were just too flimsy for the tree -- not my style. Having said that, maybe these little stars might have worked better.

So, because I was a little disappointed in my ornament, I decided to turn this post into one about holiday songs. :) When I'm making ornaments, I like to listen to music or watch DVDs (Grey's Anatomy, Glee or Christmas movies at the moment) -- I find I need the companionship. So here's my list of Christmas songs currently at the top of my iTunes:

I'm always on the hunt for new Christmas music. Anything else you'd like to add?

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