Tuesday, December 11, 2012

25 Days of Ornaments: Perler bead Christmas

Another day, another set of Perler/Hama/fusible-bead ornaments. :) Like some of my other fusible-bead ornaments -- the snowman and A Christmas Story leg lamp -- I experimented with the shapes until I stumbled upon something I liked. The only difference is that on these ones, I used cookie cutters as a basic guide. (Apparently you can put fusible beads into cookie cutters and then into the oven and they melt into the cookie-cutter shape -- but that's not what I did, and the resulting ornaments don't particularly appeal to me.)

On these multicolored ornaments, I used the cookie cutters at the beginning of the process to help me figure out the shape, situating the cookie cutter on top of the peg board. However, this isn't a perfect method, as the curved lines of a cookie cutter and the unyielding pegs don't always match up. :)  But it's a good start, and after that, you just have to eyeball it until your project looks the way you want it to.

Need some Hama/Perler/fusible bead tips? Check out my post on fusible-bead snowflakes -- there, I discussed what I learned during the process, especially concerning the ironing. (Oh, the ironing.)


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