Tuesday, December 4, 2012

25 Days of Ornaments: Fusible-bead snowman and toy soldier

I'm just going to do a quickie post today as it's late already and we're going to watch a movie. :) Today's ornaments feature more fusible beads! For the snowman, I just used my imagination and "drew" the shape with the beads, editing/moving beads around when necessary until it actually looked like a snowman. For the toy soldier, I used this cross-stitch pattern as a guide -- cross-stitch patterns are quite useful when playing with Perler/Hama beads, as one cross-stitch can equal one bead, making it easy to follow along (and get it right). But this particularly cross-stitch pattern was a little too big for the ornament I had in mind, so I sized it down a little by importing the photo into the Paint application and using the gridlines function. (The gridlines make little squares, essentially creating a cross-stitch pattern. It's my new best friend.)

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