Wednesday, December 26, 2012

25 Days of Ornaments: Button Christmas tree

Well, I really fell off the wagon, didn't I? But I have a decent excuse: While we were playing squash at the gym on Saturday, I pulled a muscle in my lower back, and I wasn't able to move for two days. Yesterday saw some improvement -- I could stand up without help -- and today, I'm finally starting to feel like myself again. [So what is the moral of this story? The gym is evil. Or I need to strengthened my back. One or the other.]

On the bright side, since people don't celebrate Christmas here -- they don't even really know what Christmas is -- and the trees are up for New Year's, I figure I have another week to finish my ornaments. :)

So, as I mentioned in a previous post -- the button ornament round-up -- button Christmas ornaments are immensely popular, as least judging by my blog stats. And since I have a ton of buttons left over from last Christmas, I decided to see what else I could make. Initially I wanted to make a button Christmas tree like the one from last year, but in white, to represent the flocked trees that we always had when I was a kid -- but it turned out I hardly had any white buttons, so that was out.

Instead, I decided to make a button Christmas tree on fabric. First, I laid out my buttons on the table -- on this one, the buttons increase in size as the tree grows wider. Then I sewed them on, and added little round beads for ornaments. Finally, I sewed on a fabric back, and stuffed just before closing it up. Truth be told, I'm not terribly fond of this ornament -- I winged it when I cut out the shape (after the buttons were already sewn on) and it ended up being too cramped. What can I say, I did that part two days ago and my back was killing me -- but lesson learned, and I was more conscientious with the ornaments that came after.

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